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    Friday, August 8, 2008

    Hometown Customer Service

    Today I visited the Montgomery County Courthouse. Once inside, I ask the first person I saw where I might find the marriage records, she said, "Follow me, I'm going that way." As luck would have it I happened to ask one of the employees who worked in the Probate Office, just where I needed to be. Since she had her lunch in her hand, the other lady in the office offered to assist me. I told her what I was looking for she led me to the records room. Looking around the room I was amazed at the large collection. Seeing the look on my face, she then explained that the county was formed in 1793 and that the Courthouse had never been destroyed, therefore they still had the majority of their original records on location. At this point I am dying to see what was there, on her way out the door she gave me an index and ask me to write down the book and page numbers of the marriage records I wished to copy. Thumbing through the index In noticed page after page of Cauley, Calhoun, Connell, Darley, Hamilton, Newsom, marriages. I was overwhelmed... Since I needed to get the most out of my visit I had to make a decision as to which ones to copy. Asking a genealogist to do this is like asking a child to pick only one piece of candy at the candy store! After deliberating a few minutes, I decided to focus on my direct lines. Once I complied my list I informed the ladies in the office I was ready. The first lady was still eating her lunch so the second lady offered to make my copies. She was very friendly and we struck up a conversation while pulling the records. She shared she was a lifelong resident of the county and she too did family research. She recognized many of my surnames and began telling me about some of my family members who lived in the area. After a while she had to assist other patrons and so she left me alone to continue my copying. Once I finished my copies, I went back into the main office to pay. That's when I read the name plate on her desk "Rubie Nell Sanders, Probate Judge". Having the Probate Judge make your copies...Now that's what I call home town customer service!

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